Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

We stock 3 types of kiln dried firewood, Birch, Ash & Oak, all very good firewoods that will provide trouble free burning in all wood stoves, fireplaces and other wood burning appliances. With a reliably low moisture content and consistent wood type, our kiln dried logs provide a wood fuel source that you can trust.

Kiln dried Birch, Ash & Oak burn with different characteristics and each will perform differently in different appliances. It's best to experiment with your stove or fireplace and find out what works best with your set-up. The following is for guidance only:

Buying Options

Bulk Bags Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Bulk Bags

Bulk Bag Prices
Birch £99
Ash £115
Oak £115
Mixed £109

Bag size: Standard builders merchant bag

Delivery: We can deliver bulk bags to your property leaving the bags kerbside or on your drive with our crane fitted delivery van, access permitting. Delivery will be free of charge to many areas of the West Yorkshire region and logs will be left in the bag for you to restack at your leisure. If wet weather is expected we will provide a rain cover for the bag to keep the logs dry until they can be moved to your wood store.

Net Bags Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Net Bags

Net Bag Prices
Birch £7.50
Ash £8.70
Oak £8.70

Flat bag size (unfilled): 700x450mm

Bag size (filled): 650x300x200mm (approx)

Delivery: Net bags can be lifted manually and may be more convenient to you for moving around your property. We can offer free delivery on these bags but a minimum 10 bag order must be placed to qualify for this, depending on location.

Prices inclusive of VAT at 5% (Fuel Tax Rates) for domestic fuel

These kiln dried logs are dried to a moisture content of approximately 15%.

Kiln dried logs measure approximately 280mm long which should be suitable to fit most wood burners and fireplaces used in the UK. However, this is a natural product and some variation should be expected.

Grown in Britain
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