Smokeless Solid Fuel

Smokeless solid fuel can be used alone or can be mixed with wood. Using a few briquettes of smokeless fuel with your normal wood fuel can help to slow down the burn time of woods and provide more economical burning. The smokeless fuel has a very long burn time and helps to keep some core heat in the fire-box or base of an open fire.

Smokeless Solid Fuel

Our 20Kg bags of smokeless solid fuel can be delivered free of charge to many areas of West Yorkshire with an order of bulk bags of logs or as a minimum of 10 smokeless fuel bags.

Smokeless solid fuel has a longer burn time that traditional coal, has a greater heat output an produces less ash. Smokeless solid fuel along with coal can be difficult to ignite in a cold fire so it is really worth waiting till your wood fire is established before adding some smokeless into the mix.

Price: £8.80 (20Kg bag)

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